Real-time Blacklist

Product introduction


Data collection
We collect attacker information in real time from all sites that have Capy's service, which is accessed 30 million times daily.
Attacker notification
Access from an attacker can be detected by querying the access source IP with the API.
Response to attackers
You can take any action such as two-factor authentication based on the notification.
Line up
Capy Real-time Blacklist
Share not only attacker information on your own site but also attacker information on other companies' sites that have Capy implemented in real time
We will protect your website from information on the entire Internet.
The charge will be calculated according to the monthly usage charge.
Volume discounts
he higher the monthly usage fee, the lower the unit price
Long-term contract discount
Further discounts are available for long-term contracts.
Operation report
You can check the number of matches with the blacklist and the information of the accessor in the monthly report
By combining with products such as CAPTCHA, it is possible to increase the number of puzzle pieces and make it safer when access comes from Black IP.
You can also whitelist specific access.