Capy Security Services Service Level Terms

Capy Security Services Service Level Terms

Capy Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Capy") and Capy service users (hereinafter referred to as "users") are the target Capy security services (hereinafter referred to as "this service". In addition, puzzle-type capture (Capy CAPTCHA Starter) When using (excluding Edition), avatar-type capture service, and risk-based authentication (including but not limited to this), the service level agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this SLA") is established as follows.

(Purpose and definition)

1.This SLA shall stipulate matters related to the use of this service based on the terms of use applied between Capy and the user (hereinafter referred to as "these terms of use").

2.Unless otherwise specified in this SLA, this SLA is subject to the terms of these Terms of Use, and the defined terms shall have the meaning specified in these Terms of Use.

3.Capy reserves the right to change the terms of this SLA in accordance with these Terms of Use.

4.If there are any conflicting or conflicting provisions between this SLA and these Terms of Use, the provisions of these Terms of Use shall prevail.

5.This service does not guarantee that the purpose of preventing unauthorized login will be 100% achieved, such as the purpose may not be achieved due to technical improvement of unauthorized access or other causes.

(Service commitment)

Capy will make commercially reasonable efforts to keep the Service available at a monthly utilization rate (defined below) of 99.8% or higher during each monthly billing period ("Service Commitment" below). "). If the Service does not meet its Service Commitment, the User may receive Service Credits (as defined below).

(1)The monthly utilization rate is calculated by the formula (2) based on the service downtime (service interruption time defined below) in units of one month (from the first day to the last day of each month). In addition, the month when the use of this service is started will be calculated on a daily basis from the start date of use.

(2)Monthly operating rate = (total monthly operating time-monthly service downtime) ÷ total monthly operating time x 100 (* minute unit) When using multiple services, the total monthly operating time and monthly service downtime are as follows. To calculate.

Total monthly uptime: Total monthly total uptime for each service used Monthly service downtime: Total monthly service downtime for each service used

(3)The service credit is the amount of consideration for the reduced use of this service calculated as described in (4) below, and means the amount that the user can receive in the applicable currency.

(4)Service Credit shall be calculated according to the table below as a percentage of the total amount paid by the User for the Service during the billing period in which the Service was interrupted.

■Reduction of consideration due to monthly occupancy rate

Monthly occupancy rate Reduction rate of consideration
99.8% or more 0%
99.0% or more and less than 99.8% 5%
95.0% or more and less than 99.0% 25%
Less than 95.0% 50%

(5)Capy shall apply any Service Credits only to future payments for the Services and the User shall not be eligible for refunds or other payments from Capy through the Service Credits.

(6)Service credits will only be applied and issued if the amount of credit in the applicable one month billing period is at least US $ 1 (or US $ 1 in that currency if the billing currency is not US $).

(7)Service credits are not transferable to third parties and cannot be applied to other accounts.

(8)This service level is not provided for Capy CAPTCHA Starter Edition.

(9)Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Use, if Capy is unable to provide the Services due to the inability to use or not functioning, or for any other reason, the service credits applicable in accordance with this SLA are the only ones. It shall be compensation.

Credit and billing payment procedures

1.In order to receive Service Credits, User shall notify Capy's Customer Service Team that the Service Commitment has not been met by sending an email to

2.When a user requests service credits, the user must present all of the following to Capy by the end of the month following the month in which the service interruption occurs, and all such content must be received by Capy. It doesn't become.

(1)The title field of the email contains the word "SLA Kredit Request".

(2)The date and time when each service used by the user eligible for the service credit was interrupted.

(3)User's request log that documents the error and matches the service interruption (sensitive or sensitive information in this log must be deleted or replaced with an asterisk).

3.If the monthly utilization rate corresponding to the month in which Capy receives the request for the user is less than 99.8%, Capy will apply the service credit to the user within the billing period following the month in which the request is received. It shall be.

4.If the User does not request Service Credit from Capy within the period specified in Paragraph 1 of this Article, or does not provide the content to be presented to the Capy User specified in Paragraph 2 of this Article, the User will receive Service Credit. You shall lose your right to the application of.

Service interruption

1.Service interruption in this SLA means that one or more of the following cases occur continuously, except for the matters specified in "Exclusions".

(1)When this service is not provided to the user's website as a result of this service causing an error.

(2)When Capy intentionally interrupts this service for maintenance purposes. However, Capy will make every effort to notify the user in advance of any interruptions due to such maintenance.

2.If the average request response time of Capy's API exceeds 2 seconds at each interval from 0 minutes to 5 minutes every hour, it also means a service interruption in this SLA.


Service Commitment and Service Suspension shall not apply to the unavailability, interruption or termination of the Service caused by the following reasons.

(1)Factors outside the scope of reasonable control by Capy. Includes all force majeure reasons or internet access issues or related issues beyond the scope of this service.

(2)The act or omission of the user or a third party.

(3)Self-owned equipment, software or other technology used by the user to use the Services, and / or third-party-owned equipment, software or other technology (excluding third-party equipment directly controlled by Capy).

(4)When Capy suspends or cancels the user's right to use the Service based on these Terms of Use.

Effective date: August 1, 2018

Last changed: October 1, 2019