Reasons to be chosen
Realize CAPTCHA with conventional complicated characters and images by 1-flick. In some cases, the withdrawal rate has been improved by 11% and the number of inquiries regarding CAPTCHAs has been reduced to 1/100.
Risk-base authentication
Since it profiles individual user logins, it has no effect on normal logins and can only require two-factor authentication for suspicious login attempts such as spoofed logins.

Capy's solution is SaaS, so it can always provide up-to-date security for any website, sharing information about attackers by consolidating information between solutions that are used 20 million times a day, all. We are building a platform to block attackers from our site.


The reporting function provides feedback on daily operational status. Using the results, it is possible to change the security level and customize it according to each user's usage scene. In addition, you can freely change the background image and puzzle pieces of CAPTCHA as needed to create your own CAPTCHA. We also offer email support and telephone support plans.


Capy provides all services in SaaS, so there is no initial cost. In addition, the introduction man-hours themselves are small, and the running cost is cheaper than the security service, which is expected to have the same effect. For details, please refer to the (Product Introduction) page.