Risk-base Authentication

Product introduction


Data accumulation
Create a profile for the person by accumulating information such as the IP address and time zone at the time of login.
Risk judgment
Judgment of risk based on how different this login is from the previous profile
Prevent spoofing login
Prevents spoofed login by detecting dangerous login and connecting to two-factor authentication etc.
Line up
Capy Risk-base Authentication
The latest unauthorized login countermeasure tool that learns the user's past login history and detects logins other than the user.
It also supports spoofing login by human hands, which could not be prevented by capture alone.
The charge will be calculated according to the monthly usage charge.
Volume discounts
The higher the monthly usage fee, the lower the unit price
Long-term contract discount
Further discounts are available for long-term contracts.
Operation report
You can see suspicious users, IP addresses, etc. in the monthly report
We will deal with site-specific risks based on service features and report results.
Level adjustment
Since the degree of suspicion of access is quantified, you can freely decide how much access is allowed.
In addition to e-mail and telephone support, we also provide introduction and operation support by engineers.
Easy introduction
It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to install because it is provided as SaaS.
Use from abroad
It can be used for access from any country as well.