Capy biometric solution

Product introduction


FIDO certified
It has been certified by the FIDO Alliance for FIDO UAF 1.1 for servers and clients / authenticators.

Easy biometrics
You can easily install it on the website you are currently operating by simply installing JavaScript and incorporating the API.
Low cost
Since it supports biometric authentication of smartphones, there is no need to install a new dedicated device.
Therefore, it is possible to reduce the introduction cost and running cost.
Capy FIDO solution trial campaign in progress
Achieves biometric authentication by FIDO

Biometrics are used to use authentication more safely and securely.

Capy's FIDO solution uses an international standard technology for online authentication called FIDO to provide a cloud service that enables secure biometric authentication.

You can easily implement it in the service you are currently operating by simply installing JavaScript and incorporating the API.

Secure Pass

Secure Pass is a biometric smartphone application developed by Capy.

By using the API provided by Capy, Secure Pass can be linked with the websites and smartphone applications currently in operation, and biometric authentication is possible easily.

Compatible with FIDO compliant Android smartphones and iPhone Touch ID and Face ID.

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LOGIN Financial / EC site

Countermeasures against password list attacks and phishing
Achieve passwordless authentication for more secure and convenient authentication

TICKET Ticket resale prevention

Electronic ticket entry and entry / exit management by biometric authentication prevents unauthorized resale

ID Identification

System soundness by linking with identity verification system

The charge is calculated according to the number of users.
Volume discounts
The higher the monthly usage fee, the lower the unit price.
Long-term contract discount
Further discounts are available for long-term contracts.
Easy implementation
You can easily introduce biometric authentication just by installing JavaScript.
Compatible with smartphones
It also supports Android devices that can be biometrically authenticated and iOS Touch ID / Face ID.
Low cost
It is possible to reduce installation costs and running costs by using a cloud environment.
No capital investment required
Since authentication is performed with a smartphone, there is no need to install a biometric authentication device.
By using it as an API, it is possible to link from existing sites without creating a smartphone app.
By using it as an SDK, it is possible to link from existing smartphone apps.